Artisanal Roasters

Gordon St

By Euan Robb

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Gordon Street Coffee undertook its inaugural roast in May 2014 and was the first coffee shop in Glasgow’s city centre to roast its own coffee. The business has since built on that success and opened its second roastery on Market Street in Edinburgh in July 2019.

By roasting and blending their own beans on site means GSC can serve their customers the freshest coffee and can deliver the whole journey from green bean to cup.

More and more coffee drinkers are choosing quality over quantity, so the small batch roastery gives the team complete control over the raw materials and production process which ensures a better quality roasted bean and a fresher coffee as well as the flexibility to create bespoke roasts for special occasions. Many roasteries are automated these days, however Gordon St Coffee has adopted the personal touch and uses the traditional methods of sight and sound to ensure the perfect results every time and to keep the art of roasting alive.

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