Best Bar None

honours Waxy O'Connor's

By Simon Yandell

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In a dazzling ceremony hosted by the Heart of London Business Alliance, the Best Bar None awards lit up Lola’s at The Hippodrome Casino on Wednesday, September 13th. This prestigious event recognized local establishments dedicated to elevating responsible venue management, thereby reducing crime and anti-social behavior in London's vibrant West End.

A remarkable 23 businesses achieved accreditation, impressively scoring between 92% and 96% in the award’s assessment. Notably, Waxy O’Connor’s and its sibling, Waxy’s Little Sister, were among the celebrated venues.

Supported by the Home Office, this initiative champions well-run pubs, bars, clubs, and hospitality venues, bolstering the West End’s economic ecosystem. Businesses were evaluated on venue management, staff training, customer safety, and community contribution. Independent auditors lauded these venues for fostering positive relationships with the Metropolitan Police and Westminster City Council.

These accolades coincide with Heart of London’s Evening and Night-time Economy Strategy, a groundbreaking plan for London’s iconic district between 6 pm and 6 am, further endorsing licensed venues’ contributions to the area’s vitality.

Alexander Salussolia, owner of Waxy O’Connor’s and Waxy’s Little Sister, expressed his delight, saying, “We are thrilled to see both West End venues recognized for their commitment to exceptional venue management and safety. It’s a testament to our dedication to providing outstanding experiences for our patrons.”

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