Waxy’s wins

Irish pub of the year

By Simon Yandell

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A triumphant night for Waxy O’Connor’s, the famous Irish pub with locations in London, Manchester and Glasgow, as it won the Irish Pub of the Year for Europe award at the prestigious Irish Hospitality Global Awards at the Galmont Hotel in Galway on Tuesday 9th October.

Alexander Salussolia, Managing Director of Glendola Leisure, expressed his pride at being recognised “These awards are a real opportunity to shine a light on the very best operators in Irish Hospitality from around the world, whilst recognising the best products, service and individuals responsible for ensuring that the delivery of these is second to none”.

Salussolia continues, “Waxy O’Connor’s is an iconic business that was actually the pioneer of the Superpubs in the mid 90’s and has led the way ever since, delivering the best of Irish hospitality for over 22 years. When you’re inside, you’ve got the warmth, the welcome and the music and that’s all you need. ”
“With pubs contributing around £23.1bn to the British economy each year and figures as high as 18 pubs a week closing in UK, it’s a tough market and one I am proud to say that Waxy’s continues to excel in”.

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