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Waxy O’Connor’s is one of the most established pubs in Glasgow City Centre. The venue is ideally located in the City Centre and perfectly placed for travel links. Opened in 1999, Waxy’s is now in its 24th year of offering a cliché-free Irish experience within a very unique setting.

A unique

Irish experience

The unique collection of six bars covering three levels, linked together by a maze of staircases and passages, disguises the size of this unparalleled locale. Each of the bars has an atmosphere of its own, so there is something for everyone. The décor features salvaged church timber, stained glass, distinctive tiled floors, and is home to a beautiful tree. The tree is probably the most spectacular sight of all since it spans the full height of the site’s three floor atrium.

As well as the memorable interior, Waxy’s is well known for the quality of hearty Scottish and Irish food served throughout the day. Using the finest local produce, Waxy’s menu gives you a taste of home.

An Irish pub couldn’t call itself credible without its unshakable obsession with sport. Large screens in 4 different areas show everything from Rugby Union & Internationals, to Premiership football and Gaelic football & hurling.

Live music is the life-blood for any Irishman’s soul, and Waxy O’Connor’s Glasgow is no different. The live music programme runs from Thursday to Sunday every week and offers the guests sets from our trusted rabble of Musicians, offering traditional folk tunes, as well as acoustic pop, and sing-along classics.

Prince Alfred

Named after Queen Victoria’s second son, this princely spot has been a favourite with those seeking a traditional pub serving fine food and drink since 1851.

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